PageTown CMS Administration Area Screenshots

The CMS backend is an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to add information and/or make changes to the webpage information through a handful of simple forms. Each PageTown one-page website is created section-by-section from the landing/welcome frame to the page footer.

Admin Area Home Page

A webpage section is created so easily, with one simple form. Make each section unique by adding an inline image, background image or both. Change the text or background color for the whole section with this form. Change your mind about where the section should be displayed? You can choose the order in which sections are displayed through this form. And more.

Admin Area Create A Section Form

Add and edit groups of 'items' to a section with another small form. Use section items as a way to present things like services, team members, testimonials or a gallery of photos.

Admin Area Add Item Form